The Beginnings

Founder Nyree Leckenby started the brand by sewing up dresses made from vintage style upholstery fabric which had an aesthetic of the dresses your mother would make you as a 5 year old. After being made aware of this time and time again, Nyree decided to name the label My Mum Made It so that whenever she was asked where she got her dress from, she could simply reply with - “My Mum Made It”.

The label has come far since. After the vintage fad, she turned My Mum Made It into an online boutique selling clothing and accessories from many labels that were mainly sourced from Korea and sold to a world wide market that found it harder to source these brands that were very different and fashion forward. She did this so that should could get a handle on selling online as an independent boutique and didn’t also have to worry about the design and production side to things at the same time. During this time she privately started designing and producing samples of her own label that were based on the style and aesthetic she grew to love that were already selling. In December of 2016, Nyree had designed and produced a clothing range that was large enough to eliminate the items from all other labels from her store. From this point, My Mum Made It was once again known as an independent fashion label and has now been recognised world wide by both fashion enthusiasts and major celebrities for her innovative designs.

Nyree has now taken on her two highly talented sisters Elle-May & Micahla as co-founders and are very excited to see their impact grow as a trio, as a brand and as separate influencers. With hopes to reach and impact many people globally with their positive and ambitious outlook and dedication to making the world of fashion a positive place for everyone of all styles, sizes, and backgrounds and create amazing vibes all round!

The Product

We create styles that are designed by the three of us. Each item in the store has been designed uniquely by either Nyree, Elle-May or Micahla to the individual's style & produced by our private manufacturing team. You’ll find out which of us designed the item on each listing! We do our best to make each item as affordable as possible whilst still being completely unique as an independent label. Pretty much the best of both worlds - great unique design + affordable prices! We also do our best to release products as consistently as possible to offer you limitless incredible pieces!

Follow us on insta - @mymum_madeit to keep updated on the grind and be a part of our community!
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